Great, Now We Have An Alligator Problem

March 20, 2009

The other night, I fell under the spell of a show about an expedition to find giant alligators living in the sewer system of New York City.

How could I pass on such riveting and educational fare?

How could anyone?

There were a lot of eerie shots from remote portions of the sewers – absolute darkness illuminated by the cameras and insects buzzing about in the glow.

Nothing of significance was found, but the interviews with a retired, long-time sewer system employee were interesting. His vibe had me expecting him to, at any moment, blow his stack and colorfully express amazement that anyone would doubt that mutant alligators live below the city streets.

He had plenty of tales from the briny deep (and has probably frightened his grandchildren into a catatonic state).

The expert leading the expedition concluded that, based on footage filmed by remote cameras, the sewers of Manhattan are an environment in which alligators would thrive.

Another expert disagreed. The skeptical expert offered up his thoughts on the subject while lounging next to large alligators in some game preserve (or such) in Florida.

Finally, out of nowhere, some fellow in flannel weighed in from what appeared to be a cabin in the Pacific Northwest.

He warned ominously of a future New York overrun by hordes of alligators from the deep if this threat was not addressed.

He was, if I heard correctly, described as an expert on Bigfoot.

I suppose he might need a bit more vetting.

And, it seems to be an immutable law of personal physics that I will watch anything involving a giant lizard or amphibian.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Gator On The Lawn

Southern Pacific – It’s A Cold Night For Alligators
A cover song from the tribute to the legendary Roky Erickson, Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye.

Curve – Alligators Getting Up

John Cale – Gatorville & Points East