I Don’t Know If Brett Favre Is Smart Enough To Teach College Physics Or So Dumb He’d Be Pressed To Spell “Cat”

December 17, 2008

Scrolling through some of my recent ramblings, I realized that the subject matter has included the shooting of ’70s singer Paul Davis, the murder of John Lennon, and famine in Africa. Thinking about real stuff is a bit grim.

Now, it seems as though there has been an uptick of attempts on the internet to goad me into taking an IQ test. The mental gauntlet seems to be thrown down most commonly on sports and other news sites.

Tony Romo’s IQ = 127
Are you Smarter than Tony Romo? Take Our IQ Test Now!

I actually happen to know my IQ (the result from an apparent testing in grade school is on my high school transcript for college), so these links have hooked me into some involuntary competition.

Logging onto a page in the NFL section at ESPN’s site, I learn that Brett Favre’s IQ is 105 and that of the average player on the Cincinnati Bengals is 119. (I swear I saw Favre’s touted – on another site – considerably higher) Last week, some site challenged me to match wits with Sarah Palin (IQ, 118).

Perhaps John McCain should have randomly chosen a Bengal as his running mate. (imagine the hilarity as our nation struggled with spelling Houshmandzadeh).

Or, he could have chosen me. (he might have chosen you)

Of course, I’m suspicious that these numbers being bandied about might not be officially sanctioned. I feel no shame in having a lower IQ than Barack Obama. However, I refuse to accept the idea that both Barack and I have lower IQs than the average fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Grover – Yeah I’m Dumb

The Beautiful South – Dumb

Aimee Mann – You’re With Stupid Now

The Murmurs – Genius