Last Night I Made A Really Good Sandwich

August 2, 2008

Like any one of us who toss our ramblings out to the world over the internet, I’ve pondered if anyone actually reads this stuff (which is little more than my cranial housecleaning). This destination might be quiet save for the whistling wind and eerily still except for tumbleweeds if it wasn’t for the music posted.

So, when this title popped into my head last night (actually while I was sculpting the titular snack), it struck me as something that would have been said by Newman on that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer finds the set to the Merv Griffin Show. With no material or guests, Newman, as the Ed McMahon to Kramer’s Johnny Carson, opines how he can’t tell the difference between generic and brand-name wax beans.

As I’ve likely mentioned, I appreciate a good sandwich, and, due to my interest in the subject, I have pondered this culinary wonder. I’m a minimalist when it comes to the sandwich – meats, cheeses, good bread, and maybe lettuce – which makes me suspicious to many people.

So, I’m preparing this fine dining experience and realize that I am carefully pondering each move – opting to use cheddar cheese as the segue way from a layer of turkey to roast beef, bridging the roast beef to ham with Swiss. Man, I was in a zone.

And, then, the title Last Night I Made A Really Good Sandwich popped into my head. I wondered if anyone would read anything with such a headline.

Of course, if you’re here, you’re here for the music which is fine because I’d rather be eating a sandwich.

Deconstruction Brothers – Sandwich
I’ve known a fair number of musicians and only a couple truly made me wonder why they didn’t have a sizable audience. One was on a major label and now has a cult following as a fairly successful indie artist.

The other is my friend Eric. I worked with Eric in a record store and have known him for years and I was blown away when I first heard his music. At some point, I need to simply devote an entire entry on his music. With John Wheeler (of Hayseed Dixie), he did an album as Deconstruction Brothers. Intelligent and quirky stuff, they rarely if ever take themselves or anything else too seriously save for a sandwich. I respect that.

Terence Trent D’Arby – Supermodel Sandwich
Isn’t the brief period of stardom for Terence Trent D’Arby kind of something you had to be there for? His debut was a fantastic record and D’Arby was quite the showman with an amazing voice. And then, (relatively) no one cared as his outrageous comments and more eclectic, challenging albums caused his star to fall. I actually quite liked his second record and what little that I have heard since that album, including this song (which is fun aside from a fairly weak chorus).

Stereophonics – Too Many Sandwiches
I so wanted to like The Stereophonics when they arrived in the late ‘90s and they just didn’t wow me as I had hoped. Searching for sandwich songs caused me to stumble back across them amongst the considerable amount of music I have. It was akin to finding that twenty in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in three years. The sentiment is treasonous, ludicrous, and altogether – as Kramer would say – “kooky talk,” but the song is groovy stuff and suits the Cheap Trick jag I’ve been on of late. I must revisit their albums that I own. I think I might have overlooked something very cool.

Stone Fox – Shakey Egg
As many songs as I have and so few fit this post. When Stone Fox’s Sandwich King popped up I was, understandably, giddy, but the (not-really-a) song underwhelmed me. I knew that I’d liked a chunk of their self-titled debut in ’96 and wanted to post something that was more worth checking out.