It’s Not Lobster Flu, But It’s Not Swine Flu, Either

MTV-MoonmanIt’s difficult to be whimsical when you’re sick.

This year, it’s also tiring to have everyone ask, “Is it swine flu?”

(it’s not)

It has led me to wonder if there would be be less concern if it was Lobster Flu. Lobster is a meal for the bourgeoisie, so suffering from Lobster Flu might have more cachet.

(though I suppose such a malady would be scientifically impossible – yes?)

So, with little whimsy or patience to be had, writing is less appealling than sprawling on the couch, staring expressionless as the television channels at my command flicker by, nothing enticing me to stop.

Twenty-five years ago, there was one viewing destination.

In the fall of 1984, our town finally had MTV. Our family didn’t have cable, but several friends did.

MTV was new. It was shiny. It was riveting stuff.

We would gather at someone’s house, usually the basement of our friend Streuss, and stare at the images for hours at a time.

It was the greatest waste of time that we had ever experienced.

According to an old MTV playlist from that time, here are some of the videos that we might seen in the autumn of ’84…

The Police – Synchronicity II
from Synchronicity

Bruce Cockburn – If I Had A Rocket Launcher
from Stealing Fire

The Time – Jungle Love
from Ice Cream Castle

The Ramones – Howling At The Moon (Sha La La)”
from Too Tough To Die

4 Responses to It’s Not Lobster Flu, But It’s Not Swine Flu, Either

  1. Perplexio says:

    Tell people it’s the Welsh Rabbit flu.

    (incidentally Welsh Rabbit is a Welsh dish with no rabbit actually in it– it features cheese. In the 18th century the wealthy ate wild game, beef & pork. The poor ate rabbit, and the Welsh were so poor they couldn’t even afford that so they ate foods featuring cheeses)

  2. My hmphs says:

    Heh. In the early age, living in the mountains, none of us had MTV and had to wait until 11:30 on Saturday nights to watch “Burning Down the House” and the latest Michael Jackson videos on a show hosted by a local radio DJ. But we, too, would stare for hours at this new medium. We’re so old…

  3. […] since my brush with death last week, I’ve been giving great thought to my mortality and the things I have yet to […]

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