Tuesday Used To Be Christmas But Now It’s Just Tuesday Again (part I)

(I unintentionally deleted this post and given that I had a second part posted…I feared a rip in some time space continuum if I didn’t repost what I still had…)

As a child in the ‘70s, the day of the week was defined by whatever shows were on television that evening. By high school, my television consumption dropped considerably and my interest in music began to grow exponentially.

Tuesday no longer was the night to watch Three’s Company. It now had a more magical significance. It was new release day for albums.

For me, the wait would often extend four days as the nearest record stores were nearly an hour away. Until, my friends and I could drive, I’d have to either accompany my parents into Cincinnati on Saturday or gamble and hope my mom would return with the album I wanted.

By our final years of high school, my friends and I had pretty much opted for independent study which usually consisted of road trips. If we weren’t shopping for music, we were shopping for pajamas to cut up into shorts for the few days we did go to classes.

In college, I probably could recite upcoming new release dates more accurately than I could have regurgitated any fact or theorem from my classes (somehow, I still graduated – more importantly, I built up one cherished collection of music).

I’ve been out of college for nearly twenty years, but the first fifteen or so were spent working in various music-related jobs meaning that Tuesday maintained a hallowed status among the days of the week. Now, Tuesday is simply Tuesday again.

I miss the anticipation (which was sometimes prolonged by a release date being “pushed back” or the ones tagged with the caveat of “tentative”). I miss the weeks when there was a handful of titles which I had to have and the sometimes agonizing decision as to what to temporarily forgo. I miss finally hearing an album that I had been expecting for a year since I had read that the band was recording a new release in that small In The Studio section Rolling Stone used to have (maybe they still do).

Mostly, I think I miss an extended portion of my childhood which allowed me spend hours and hours each and every day indulging in listening to more music than some people sample in a lifetime.

Styx – Just Get Through This Night
Kilroy Was Here, February 1, 1983

Asia – Don’t Cry
Alpha, July 26, 1983

One Response to Tuesday Used To Be Christmas But Now It’s Just Tuesday Again (part I)

  1. Lizzle-ba-Dizzle says:

    Okay, thank goodness you repaired the space-time continuum. I was reading part II and thought that I was sure I had read part I, but then. . . I couldn’t pin down the memory and thought I was going crazy and/or had forgotten how to read Roman numerals. 😀

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